Things About Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living room is the first room in the house that is entered by guests. It becomes the face of houses so that it needs to get much attention of its decoration. A large living room may be easier to arrange and decorate it. What about small living room? Because the size is small, small living room decorating ideas should be applied in which it is used to make the small living room not narrow and crowded. However, there are still more people who do not know on how to organize the small living room properly.


The Arrangement of Sofa and Chairs

Small living room decorating ideas are useful to help you in organizing the small living room. The first way to do is considering the arrangement of chairs and sofa in the small living room. In order to make the living room look full, it is great to put sofa and chairs in the corner of room. But, actually you have understood the consideration of buying small living room sofa. The size of sofa is not too big so that it takes more spaces in the living room. The other small living room decorating ideas are the weight of sofa. It should not be too heavy to make it get easier in moving it. The motif of sofa should be noticed. It is right to choose plain motifs for being small living room sofa. It prevents sharp motifs like leopard motifs and many more.


Maximizing the Living Room Accessories

The placement of living room accessories becomes the other small living room decorating ideas. Before putting those accessories, you have to know better about criteria accessories for small living room. It should be simple, classical style and not to take more spaces. The common accessories to decorate small living room are usually paintings and flower vases. You can also hang clock on the living room walls.

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